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           The Skimag PRO simulator is recommended for the sports training job. The device is especially designated for skiers developing and strengthening their muscles of the legs, precisely the oblique muscles, which are not involved having regular squats, as well as the muscles of the back and arms.  The simulator is the forming and consolidating the muscle-joint memory later used at the snowy slopes performing turns easily and without compulsion. It is very important! Any skier with no gender and age restrictions can start using and training with the help of the simulator. The difference mainly will realized just in the amplitude of the movements and the speed the shift along the imaginary slope due to the various value of the chosen load. The simulator is designed to work in the large premises, gyms and outdoors.

The dimensions:
- the width - 2958 mm, the height - 1538 mm, the depth - 887 mm (at the extreme points)
- the overall dimensions of the carriage: 540 x 413 x 412 mm (at the extreme points)

The weight of the simulator:
- the total weight: 76.8 kg
- excluding the stand and handrail: 31.8 kg
- the stand and handrail: 27.9 kg
- the carriage weight: 17.1 kg

The overall dimensions when packed:
- Case No. 1: 1600 x 600 x 250 mm * (contains the upper part of the simulator, racks and handrail)
- Case No. 2: 1600 x 400 x 350 mm * (contains the lower part of the simulator, base and rails)
- The bag-case: 580 x 420 x 320 mm * (contains a carriage, foot supports in 2 pcs., wrenches in 2 pcs., bolts and nuts)
* The sizes shall slightly depend on the way of packing.

The weight of the simulator when packed:
- the total weight: 89.6 kg
- Case No. 1: 35.6 kg
- Case No. 2: 32.4 kg
- the bag-case: 21.6 kg

All simulators have a polymer coating, created on the basis of powder paint - this is a new environmentally friendly technology. Today it is considered one of the most advanced coatings for metal. The basic color for painting the simulator is anthracite RAL 7016. At your request, we can paint the simulator in the color you have chosen. The selection should be done using the RAL color table and tell us the color number.

For sports teams and individual use

   It suits for sports teams, as a supplement to standard exercises on the physical fitness area and increase of the loads on the oblique muscles of the legs, which are not involved in normal squats when even extra weight applied or having various side jumps. When simulating a turn you can achieve a border angle of 25-30 degrees (the maximum design angle is 20 degrees) at the simulator while getting at least 2G load on the legs that could hardly be achieved with any squats.

    When constructing the training process, you can precisely set the number of “gates” completed and “descents” made, dose and change the mechanical load using the lower harnesses. When performing the “turns”, the trainer has the possibility to directly correct the technique, the position of the body, hips and legs staying close to the sportsman. Also an athlete is able to work independently in front of the mirror, observing himself and correcting mistakes. The more we make such “turns”, the harder fix the athlete’s muscular-articular memory.

There is one more very important aspect in the work of athletes on the simulator. The great number of skiers at the initial stage of training even later, have no idea how to interact with all external forces influencing them while descending. Mostly they have been taught and used to perform the turn for the sake of the radius of the skis and keeping to the main influencing forces: centrifugal, centripetal and gravity! At the same time they do not use the reacting force of the support and the skis recoil force. This gap can be restored with the help of the simulator. It will be impossible to perform a “turn” due to the radius of the skis just falling into the turn.

The simulator is quite easy to disassemble, pack it into the kit attached, and take it with you to the training camp ... You can simply mount it on the grass (the special adjustable supports are applied).
The device can be used for rehabilitation after injuries or lower musculoskeletal system of the body. It is possible to dose the load and reduce the effect of the gravity to zero when performing the “turns”.


price: 67500 UAH

   If the simulator is quite rarely transported, you have a chance to purchase it without covers. The delivery: without shipping covers in the cardboard package.

SKIMAG PRO Edition (Lite)

price: 60750 UAH

For gyms and sports clubs

   We have a special version to offer for gyms! The simulator is completed with the welded standing base including guide rails and the assembled upper part. It will seriously enhance the structure of the simulator for the intensive daily use.

The overall dimensions are not to be changed.

The delivery:  the transport covers and legs for fixing the device on the grass are excluded.

SKIMAG PRO Edition (Hall)

price: 59400 UAH


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