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    When going down the slope, there are external and internal forces acting on the skier. Making the ski curve downhill, there are three main external forces effecting the movement: centrifugal, centripetal as well as gravity itself. For sure we should consider the other external forces either, but they are out our concern at the time being! We would like to focus on the influence of these three forces, as the athlete can achieve the best results while opposing these forces and their action vector effectively and properly. Therefore, we pay special attention to the athlete’s work on the simulator to more accurately resist the above forces action vectors, i.e. the correct position of the body, legs and arms of the athlete.

    The main distinguishing feature of the simulator relies on the athlete suspended with a dynamic rubber spring that shall simulate opposition to the centripetal force and gravity in its turn. The rubber spring is mounted on the stand and is fastened to the athlete’s safety belt. The lower rubber springs simulate the influence of the centrifugal force, and the athlete’s movements shall oppose the force being stretched by them. The more stretched, the greater magnitude of the force. Will you take into account the fact, that the force magnitude can be changed mechanically depending on the physical fitness, gender or age of the athlete.

    There is another innovation in the mobile platform. Ski boots have a 15 - 17 degrees tilt. Therefore, the walls of the platform have 17 degrees inclination for more natural position of the athlete's legs like a skier has when skiing. And the platform also has a removable jumper at the backside and protruding parts on the leg supports, with the help of which the athlete’s legs are fixed to move in parallel simultaneously. This is especially necessary at the initial stages of training, in order to avoid the X position of the legs. Up to date, the carving (cutting) turn is considered the most progressive, as it is based on skies and legs movement in parallel.
    Another distinctive feature of the simulator is based upon the arc movement along the rails in three planes: the right-left, up and down, back-forward. The movement to the right and left is clear to everybody, as it is the turn itself in fact.  Up and down movement simulates skies loading – unloading within flexion – extension. The back displacement of the platform along the rails leads to the slight shift of the feet relatively to each other that naturally occurs as a result of body angulation while turning. The pelvis rotates slightly around the axis of the man that leads as the result to the same displacement of the feet due to the parallel position of the hips and legs.



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