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about creating

   Hello! My name is Mikhail Mokin. Somehow almost all my life is related to skiing. Back to 1978, I started my training in the skiing section and took part in numerous competitions at various levels. In 1991 I graduated from the Institute for the winter sports qualifications (namely rus ЧФЧГИФК), located in Chaikovsky town at the Urals. I specialized as an alpine skiing trainer. There were a lot of general subjects in the curriculum, but my favorite was the Selected Kind of Sports (rus ИВС). There we studied various types of alpine skiing techniques, skiing theory and just practiced. We considered very much important and interesting the scientific work carried out by the head of the Department Lisovsky A.F.

Since 2004, I started taking part in the alpine skiing competitions among masters in Ukraine. I have not missed a single season. To achieve the results, I had to train, investigate and set myself a new modern alpine skiing technique. I analyzed, thought over and laid out a new technique of skiing into its components: sportsmanship of the shafts, angles of attack, edging skis, the correct position of the arms, legs and hips.

Six years ago, I began the coaching job at the kid's sports section. Working with children, I had to demonstrate the elements of rotation while standing in the snow. I realized that it is very difficult to show dynamic movement in the static position. It was especially difficult to explain how the angulation of the body in a turn occurs correctly. We used various well-known exercises, but repeatedly in statics and in one direction of the rotation. It happened more difficult to demonstrate a bunch of turns, the transition of one angular position to another, the position of the pelvis, the movement of the hips and legs. It is simply impossible to simulate and demonstrate the technique of turning while standing in the snow. It was very difficult for children to comprehend and apply it in the motion. The live demonstrations had no duly effect either, as children do not have their own skills and realization. They are not aware of the movement at the muscular-articular level.

The longer I worked with different athletes, the more I thought about the question of how to develop and consolidate the skills with the right skiing technique. Finally I was led to the idea of creating a training equipment possible to simulate the angular position, correct the position of the legs, fix the front position of the body, as well as to work physically, making imitations of the turns with utmost capacities and at least 2G load.

Uniting thoughts, knowledge and experience, I have got a clear picture of the way it should work and be arranged.

Having analyzed all the simulators produced by the moment including the entire world patent base, starting from the beginning of the last century, I did not find any similar variant of my solution. There are intersections on the ideas, but at the same time they differ in their implementation and application. So I confirmed that my technical solution is right. The idea to create a simulator turned into concrete drawings, and later into the technical schemes. Subsequently it was proved by the "Utility Model Patent" for the simulator received.


Kiev, Ukraine



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